Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Holy Intense

1) I am really sad about Bill Buchanon. However, remember when he and Chloe went rouge and helped Jack from a remote location? Hopefully this will not be the last we see of Bill. Also, I am nervous about his relationship with Karen. Hopefully they can stay strong together.
2) Also, Chloe and Morris need to stop bickering and combine their abilities. Poor Morris has been through so much. Earlier in the day he was DRILLED THROUGH SHOULDER by terrorists! Chloe needs to give him a break.
3) Nadia also has had a really hard day. She has been arrested and interrogated, reduced to a minimal clearance level, made out with Milo in the corridor and now she is in charge of CTU.
4) How many times is Jack going to be arrested by CTU?
5) I still don't fully trust Tom Lennox. I think he is a weasel.
7) The acting President IS A NASTY PERVY CREEP!!! BARF!!! BARF!!
8) Audrey has dementia or she is drugged or brain-washed. Hopefully she can snap out of it.
9) The final episodes of 24 are going to be intense! All hell seems to be breaking loose and I think we can count on Jack Bauer to save the day.

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Mike said...


Buchanon is going to dump Karen and Lennox is going to start hooking up with her!

And why was Jack wearing a bullet proof vest if he was planning on blowing up himself with C4 anyways?!?

And how "in the name of Zeus' butthole" (name that movie quote) did the Chinese have hummers hidden there? Jack picked the location and they arrived in a limo!