Monday, March 26, 2007

What I learned over the weekend

Instead of introducing yourself to other girls, just start talking to them.
If you aren't sure you know them or they know you, it will be apparent
in the first 30 seconds of conversation. If they don't know you, they
will most likey introduce themselves and then you can do the same.
I always pride myself on going up to people and saying hello and
introducing myself. This backfires sometimes and on Saturday
it backfired on me twice.

Me: "Hi, I'm een."
Her: "Uh, yeah, we met at the bar a few years ago." Followed by eye roll.
Me: "Right! Nice to see you again."
Her: Weird smile.

Ok, sorry if I didn't remember your name or if perhaps I was intoxicated
and forget that we met. Stop judging me. I thought I was being polite by
introducing myself. I try to avoid the whisper to the friend "Whatsernameagain?"
by greeting people and saying my name again. Whatever.
Sometimes I wish I was a guy when they congratulate you for being
drunk and not remembering someone. He would probably even buy you a drink.


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

**One of my most favorite posts you've ever written.

I hear ya LOUD and clear on this one.

Personally, I think you were the bigger person for introducing yourself. I mean, rude girl was more than likely just going to stand there and see if you remembered her.

Eye roll.


hsl said...

She sounds like a one of the mean girls. ps - did you see there is now a true hollywood story on mean girls?

KT said...

I would have definitely been the guy and congratulated you for being drunk :-)

Moey said...

Ok... so i definitely think that the "eye roll" was a bit much... but i don't think i can count on 2 hands the amount of times you have bitched to me about meeting someone a few times and them not remembering you... and every time they introduce themselves to you...
double edged sword?... i think so.