Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I saw two personalized license plates yesterday.

This was on a Purple PT Cruiser. Not bad, kinda witty.

What? This was on a red Chevy Venture, which is a really
bad mini van. I tried to speed up to see if it was really Bo
or just his #1 fan in Ohio, but I missed him at the light.

What have you seen lately?


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm laughing out loud.

#1 - Clever.

#2 - WHAT? Why? Ew.

wrestling kitties said...

The first one is cute but I don't think I want anything with the word "eater" on my car. No comment on the second ;-)

My Dad is an appraiser and decided to get a personalized plate that had his initials MJW with the abbreviation of appraiser. Great idea but on the plate it looked like MJWAPPR - doesn't make much sense when you actually see it..... so we call it the Wapper mobile!

TJ said...

I forget the exact words on the plate but it was a reference to going fast. It was on a sporty car, but the kicker was that it was a young chick driver. She flew past me on the E-wa the other day and in a brief glimpse I believe that she might have been hot...

Moey said...

Yikes... BO BICE is TERRIBLE!!!

Ryan's cousin Candy is 40 years old, and the PRESIDENT of the backstreet boys fan club. her personalized license plate on a 90-something white convertible sunfire is KTBSPA... which stands for Keeping The BackStreet Pride Alive!

Also, she is currently traveling around the country seeing Ricky Martin concerts... and she has met him.

Not joking!