Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I chickened out

I had full intentions of getting my hair cut short yesterday (not Fred Savage short, more like Carrie season 4 Satc short or Oprah short). I had an old picture of when my hair was short and polled friends and co-workers. The results were 50/50. I left work and even had in my mind that I was going to get 10 inches cut off to donate to Locks of Love (I printed out the webpage to make it official).

So I get to the salon, and my stylist Brighton, who is great, says,
"Ok just a trim today?"
I say, "No, actually I want to cut off 10 inches."
Brighton: "NO! You can't do that!"
Me: "Thank God! I didn't want to anyway!"

Why is it that we cannot let go of hair? It seems really stupid, but if you think about it, long hair is the result of about 3-4 years of work. I couldn't let it all go down the drain just because I was feeling a little dramatic and reckless. I settled for getting 3 inches cut off.


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm smiling.

I'm sure you look adorable with or without the extreme cut.

We can't let go our hair because it's part of who we are. I'm a firm believer in that it's a part of our identity. Sad, I know.

3 inches is still a big deal.

wrestling kitties said...

I think taking a few inches off at a time is the right thing to do! If you want can always go back!

I have had several recently with bad haircuts (cut WAY too much off)!! I hated it and was very upset but then felt bad b/c it IS only hair?!?! But I think it is a part of us and we all need something that makes us feel beautiful. For me that is my hair. I don't have the best body, I am too tall, i don't like my feet or hands, but my hair....I LOVE! It is a part of me!

P.S. I ended up LOVING my newer hair style after about a week....It was just a shock! Over two months I had more than 10 inches cut off - CRAZY!