Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Holy cow!

Finally! The return of Aaron Pierce!
Here are my thoughts abut last night:
1) I just KNEW Aaron and Martha would end up together. I am sad that their life together is ruined now.
2) Martha is great for the show. She is psycho but I do not blame her, Logan is terrible. She really took matters into her own hands there. I yelled out loud.
3) How is Wayne Palmer? I am not worried that he is going to die. No way.
4) The VP is a scary creep and is totally lying to the Ambassador. Who is his blonde sidekick?
5) Jack is in deep crap at the Russian Consulate. I wonder if Markov is really dead. He is an excellent villain.
6) Back to Aaron Pierce...he lost some weight but still hates Logan.
7) I can't take Ricky Schroeder seriously. Milo HATES him and I can't wait to figure out why.
8) There were come CLASSIC Chloe faces and comments. She is great.

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