Wednesday, March 21, 2007

24 Review...a day late

Ok, here it is:
1) What happened with Logan? Martha? No mention of either.
2) I love Karen Hayes. What an ass kicker. I want her to be President next season.
3) Something fishy about Audrey being dead. Either way, it is sad and Jack is really mad! However, now we can be assured that he is going renegade and opening industrial-sized cans of whoop ass.
4) Nadia is not a terrorist. It is just too obvious. Although now I don't really trust Milo.
5) Dying to know what happened in Denver! What secret is Ricky Schroeder harboring?
6) Where is Philip Bauer?
7) That drone was a little cheesy looking. It looked like a remote control toy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

2. Pill popper.
3. She joined the Michigan militia.
4. I know, Milo, eats way too many pickles & peppers from Tony Packo’s. It could be going to his head………..mmmmmmm………Chicken Peppercosh…….mmmmmm….Chili Mac….mmmm…. Where am I?????
5. Playing with his mini train set. YES. I wish I had one.
6. I think he is working on “Pink Cadillac 2” or “Space Cowboys Pt. 2” What a Fag.. Seriously what a fag.
7. Don’t remember.. I WAS TOO BUSY GETTING LAID.

The Rad One