Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spinning Disaster

I have not blogged in a week! Sorry!
The other day I was in spinning class at the gym. When I got there, only two bikes were open (I was a little late), so I just hopped on one and lo-and-behold, it was the squeaky one! Damn! You know the squeaky one, where everyone gives you a dirty look because the squeaking is so annoying. You smile and go, "Sorry!" and they say, "It's ok!" but they are really thinking, "I wish you and that bike would JUST SHUT UP!" Then during the middle of the class, the squeaking became clicking, more dirty looks ensued, and it could not have been any hotter in there so my armpit sweat was OUT OF CONTROL at this point. All of a sudden, during a sprint, the clicking and the squeaking stopped, but something broke. I almost fell off the bike, because the wheel was spinning now with no resistance (ergo no friction). Everyone is staring at me like, "Hey, you just broke a bike! That is really hard to do, but you did it! So annoying!" Then I had to go to the other open bike, RIGHT AT THE FRONT of the class. I say to the instructor, "Sorry for all the interruptions," and she says, "It's ok," but what she is really thinking is, "What an amateur! This girl is so annoying! She sings the songs and breaks bikes." Good thing she was a sub and I will never have to see her again.


Dosey Dos said...

The very reason why I will not spin..that will be me for sure the very first time I go!!

Turtle Parade said...

I might have paid to be in that class...oh wait, I do have a membership, but when was the last time I was there...hhmmmm???