Thursday, February 8, 2007


Posin' is the Poison tribute band and they are
coming to play at Gatorz next Friday the 16th
at 8pm. It is only $5 to get in!! These dudes
look and sound just like our beloved Brett, C.C.,
Ricky, and Bobby. Who's with me?


hsl said...

Do you laugh when you picture me at a posin or poison concert for that matter? I do.

KT said...

I do believe I'll be there. I think Turtle Parade and some other folks were interested. I can't wait!

Turtle Parade said...

So funny that you posted this too!!!

We will totally be there, KT and I...and perhaps some others. (not sure I can yet get my husband to join us...his quote "I didn't like the real ones, why would I want to see fake ones?" HA!