Saturday, February 10, 2007


Last night a bunch of old college buddies were in town and I saw a lot of people
I haven't seen in years. That is always so great! All the Betas still call me
"Cannonball" from our college days. I am not even sure why I got that
nickname, but it stuck and I love it. Most likely it had something to do with chugging beers.

What are your nicknames and how did you get them?


Turtle Parade said...

I've got a lot...mostly from family though.

The day I was born, my great aunt called me Sarah Pete (Pete is my dad's (nick)name). Apparently I looked just like him.

My dad calls me Sarah Soda, or Soda Pop....which I LOVE.

In junior high, a couple of guy friend coined, "DaTitty" uh huh..nice. I still hear that every once in a while.

M used to call me "Poopy" Hmmmm.

KT started "Sneezy" in college. She though people sounded like they were sneezing when they said my last name.

My husband has a bunch...they change with his goofy moods. The general format is "Sir ----- a Lot" (Insert snores, smells, etc)
(yes, he's got some nice ones too - these just make me laugh!)

KT said...

My list could go on and on. Most quite obnoxious since they mostly stem from alcohol filled days/nights in college.

Two that have stuck though are:
Big D

When I was little my Dad called me Tweety Bird, not sure why or how it started. But every now and then I still get it.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I LOVE Cannonball!!!!

However, I enjoy calling you eener. Which, you more than likely don't like. (If that's the case, let me know...)

My nicknames:

From my family and good friends, and ironically, the finance guy at work: I'm called Ky.

My Dad called me, "Kylee-kins."

My cousins Adam & Bryan called me, "Kiwi." (As in kiwi fruit.)

In high school, I was "Ski" for the last three letters of my maiden name and "Wylie" as in, Coyote.

Oh, and your cousin always calls me either, "Hi-lee" (when saying hi) or "Bye-lee" (when saying bye.)


Glad you asked, huh?

wrestling kitties said...


My family and T. call me Jennie (they are the only ones allowed).

Terry calls me baby Jennie all the time (he says b/c I act like a baby, i think it is b/c I am so cute like a little baby - hehe)

My family also calls me grace b/c I tend to fall alot and be the opposite of graceful!

Most of my friends called me by my old last name or some form of I don't think they know what to call me!

C said...

I've never had a lot of nicknames.

One of my best friends sister calls me Craigie Pooh.

Thats all I've got. How lame.

Should I have more?

Maybe I'll make up some for myself.

TJ said...

Some of my friends here call me Boomer b/c I won a long drive contest a few years ago while in a golf tournament. They said I "Boomed" the ball.

My Rugby name in college was Jigga. Add a "low" at the end and you can figure that one out.

Other than that I get "Teej" alot I guess b/c it's an even shorter way to say "TJ". And I thought that shortening my name to TJ was "short" enough...

hsl said...

When I was little my parents called me "me pits" cause I said my name was Heidi me pits since I couldn't pronounce Marie Schmitz. Geoff calls me bug. I wonder if that started cause I was bugging him. Probably....... You have much better nicknames een. I mean polly ann.....