Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Morris likes drinking near dumpsters and in bathrooms

I am not sure I fully trust Morris, but will be heartily disappointed if he is a bad guy.
Last night was interesting. Here are my thoughts:
1) The President cannot be dead. Both Palmer Presidents are assassinated?
Come on.
2) Reed sucks.
3) Nice security checkpoint. Maybe an X-ray machine next time.
4) Logan is a rancher now? I don't trust him either and all this Bible stuff. When he was talking to himself in the mirror I was a little creeped out.
5) I am excited about Jack's costume change. A+ on the suit, Jack.
6) Chloe is totally stressed out! I LOVED her "NOT NOW" in the bathroom. That was great.
7) Where is Milo? Where is Audrey? Where is Karen Hayes?

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TJ said...

1. Palmer is not dead, but will be out for a while. Long enough for the VP to take over. Asad is done though. I have a feeling he died, but saved Palmer's life.
2. Reed is a complete tool. He should be shot right then and there.
3. The checkpoint was totally weak, that guard should have detected Reed's nervousness.
4. Logan definitely has an alterior motive that hasn't been reveiled yet.
5. Props on the suit as well, but where did it come from. I didn't hear him ask for it. Are him and Logan the same size?! ;-)
6. I wouldn't want to cross Chloe.
7. Is Audrey even in this season? My thought is that if she is, she won't show up til the last 6 episodes. Hayes should be there by now. Maybe next hour she'll show up. Milo was shot, he must still be in recovery.

[new thought] 8. Morris, he can talk his way out straight jacket. I think he might be slimmy. Since the beginning of "24" there has always been a mole, a snitch, someone inside CTU that is working for the enemy. Could Morris be that snitch?!