Friday, February 9, 2007

I have to know...

What does everyone think of Anna Nicole's death?
1) Suicide?
2) Trim Spa OD?
3) Murdered by Howard K. Stern?

I would like everyone's feedback.


M said...

The whole situation is so very sad. From beginning to end.

I'm guessing heart attack. From stress and from having an already weak heart from drugs (whether prescription or not) or even trim spa. Weight fluxuating can't be that great for the heart.

That's what I think.

wrestling kitties said...

It IS very sad. She has been through more than a person should go through recently (whether you like her or not)

I agree with M. and what she thinks. I am hoping it wasn't suicide or an overdose.

very sad. Her poor little girl.

TJ said...

Whatever else she was taking along with TrimSpa that was causing her weight loss. She and TripSpa were being sued for a false product... in other words was she taking something else that caused her extreme weight loss? Maybe, most likely, whatever. Maybe she had a cocaine habit. That would put major stress on her heart. Might have finally took its toll.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I think a mantarey did it.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

(Was that bad to say?)

Moey said...

I think it was an OD... she took so many downers that she could barely form a sentence.
ps. it is unbelievable how disrespectful people (the media) are being about this! granted, she was a total basket case, but a person died here... not to mention the fact that she just had a baby... people were cracking up about it on the radio the other day... it made me sad.