Tuesday, February 13, 2007

24 Review

*******SPOILER WARNING********

Who watched? My thoughts below:

1) Wayne Palmer is a moron for meeting face to face
and ALONE with Assad. WHAT is he thinking? Taking
a call from the Vice right in front of him too? C'mon Wayne.
2) Mr. Bauer is WAY too tall to be Jack or Graem's father.
3) Chloe is my favorite character (besides Jack of course).
She is great! M0rris gets no pity from her.
4) DRILL TO THE SHOULDER. That was sick.
5) 2 hours of 24 is better than 1.
6) How in God's name did Fayed get away? Ridiculous.
7) Didn't see it coming when McCarthey got blown away
by his blonde bimbo. Whoa!
8) Where is Karen Hayes?
9) Tom Lennox and his creepy assistant are plotting....
it's getting very intense.

WHEW! Only 6 more days until 24......


Moey said...

1.) I think Assad is genuine and he is probably the only person that Wayne palmer is safe with ALONE.
2.) Mr. Bauer SUCKS and i hate him! How do you use your grandson as bait.
3.) I kinda like Milo this season. total bad ass techy out of the blue with expert driving and escape capabilities.
4.) Drill to the shoulder was terrible, but Morris should have held out... he sucks.
5.) Being able to rent the entire season and shut out the rest of the real world for 24 hours is the BEST.
6.) I totally agree about Fayed's escape being ridiculous! And how are they able to just commandeer parking garage tops and helicopters without being noticed?
7.) I'm glad that girl got killed.
8.) Karen is on her way... I think they have to figure in the flight time from DC to LA... they are trying to be realistic i guess.
9.) This is going be the overall plot i think... maybe they'll bring back the old president... what was his name? god did i hate him!

Iris Took said...

PRESIDENT CHARLES LOGAN! He was terrible, but I loved to hate him and it made for a good season.

TJ said...

1. Palmer is trying to trust someone that no one else will thinking that it might be the best option. I just wish he'd see that his entire staff is against him.
2. My guess is that Jack's mom was petite.
3. Milo seems like he'd be good in the field, but think he could've been more proactive on the chase scene. He just ran away like a little bitch, then crashed the van into a wall. At least he had the foresight to blow the thing up and buy some time. [but if you saw the preview, he and Graem's wife get caught...]
4. He already took one drill, they needed him alive, they weren't going to kill him and he knew that CTU was right outside, he should have held out a little bit longer. Or at least programed that thing to shut down after a few minutes, but to appear that it was working at first.
5. Being able to watch 24 soon after it aired, but without commercials b/c of TiVo/DVR... PRICELESS!
6. But did you notice that he didn't panic when he knew that CTU was right outside. You knew that he had some sort of escape plan. Don't underestimate the power of an extreme terrorist.
7. Typical women; killed her lover for the money, tried to pull it off herself, but no dice, two bullets to the chest, buh-bye!
8. On a plane; 3:1 says she arrives next episode.
9. Charles Logan is DEFINITELY coming back. No doubt. Lennox IS a tool. He obviously has his own adgenda.

With all that said, I say we start making some predictions.

1. Someone major will die in the next 6 hours. Major would include: Jack [which, he won't ever die], Chloe, Morris, Milo, Bill B., Palmer, Karen Hays, Lennox, Fayed, Gendanco [sp?].

--> Who will it be, if any?

2. Over/Under: The phrase, "within the hour" will be used 2.5 times next episode.

--> I'm going to say under for next week's episode, but look out for the following episode, smart money's on over! [my guess is that they'll be ready to set off the next suitcase bomb within the next two hours, so whenever they talk to each other, they always say, "when will the bomb be ready?" "Within the hour." Guaranteed!

3. Bill and Karen will be on the outs by season's end. Maybe b/c one of them is dead, but there's going to be some sort of fallout for why she resigned at the White House and what she was covering up for Bill.

--> Any takers on that bet?

Fun stuff... --> tj