Friday, January 19, 2007

Thursday night TV

************SPOILER WARNING****
I am going to make comments that you will not want to read if
you didn't see the shows yet.

Who watched the Office and Grey's Anatomy?
What an emotional evening.....
I would like everyone's thoughts on:
1) Jim/Pam/Karen scenario
2) Dwights return
3) Andy's cell phone ringer (and how ridiculously funny it was)

4) The poor O'Malley family
5) Why Christina and Burke are so annoying
6) How Dr. Bailey has totally changed (for the good) since last season
7) Addison and Alex? I like it, personally....


wrestling kitties said...

The Office: Not the best, but it was good! Jim and Pam just need to get together already...they are much better together than Jim and Karen! I like Dwight being back b/c Andy was just too annoying. I cracked up with the cell phone thing - haha! Awesome!

Grey's Anatomy: KLEENEX!!!
I cried just kept knew it was coming but still seeing cute George and his family broke my heart! I agree about Christina and Burke - they are more annoying now than McDreamy and Meredith! However I think that will change soon. I like Addison and Alex but at the same time how many people is Addison going to get involved with at this hospital - man o man!!! Next week looks really good!!

Free Turtle Rides! said...

I do not watch the office, but GA for sure!

4) I could not stop crying about George's dad. At All.
5) I would not be sad to see Burke go. This might contradict my earlier thoughts about him, but I'm soooo over them. I still like her...her hard ass, but "welcome to the dead dad's club" soft-in-a-way makes her awesome.
6)I kind of miss the old Dr. Bailey...seeing a soft side is sorta nice however. (I must have missed the episode where she named her son, I had no idea his name was George)
7) I love Alex. I think there is so much more to him that he puts out...Addison, ick. I don't think she's pretty, I think she's rather annoying. I really want Izzy and Alex to be together.

hsl said...

Iris - I can't believe you like Alex and Addison together. I do, but I thought you would be like oh barf. You totes normally would.