Thursday, January 25, 2007

Polly Ann

Do I slur? Is Colleen really that rare of a name?
Consistently when I call people or tell someone
my name, it usually goes like this:
me: "Hi, this is Colleen"
them: "Corey?"
me: (slower) "Colleen"
them: "Holly?"
me: (slower still): "Colleen"
them: "I'm sorry...what?"

Today I got a new one: POLLY ANN!
I laughed out loud when the lady on the
other end of the phone said that.

Are there any famous Colleens that I can
reference? Colleen Atwood is the only famous
one I know of and she is a costume designer for
Hollywood and somewhat obsure.

What do you get called?


hsl said...

Maybe you should just change your name to polly ann. HAHAHAHAHA. You are soooooooooo not a polly.

KT said...

That's just plain funny. I may call you that now instead.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...


It's SO old.

My name is SO phonetic.



(You'd be a lovely Polly Ann. hee hee.)

Free Turtle Rides! said...

HeeHee...that's pretty funny :)

Sarah usually doesn't get messed up, but I do have patients who call me Sally or Sam, just because they forget. But I once had this cute old man (at my old place) that always called me Rachel. Huh? No clue, but I loved it!

wrestling kitties said...

Haha! people don't listen! Colleen and Polly Ann sound nothing alike!!

So my name is Jenn (Jennifer) and that is a very common name. I get Jan ALL THE TIME. One vendor I have worked with for nearly 3 years still calls me Jan even though I consistently tell her it is Jennifer (I thought using my full name would help but it didn't). I also get Jeanie or Jennie alot when I DO NOT refer to myself as that. The ONLY people who can call me Jennie are my family, to me Jennie is not my name - I said Jenn so to me they are saying my name wrong! Once again...people do not listen. :-)

Lindsay said...

My maiden name was Lollis kind of like Lawless. You had to start spelling it before you said it because people would always assume Wallace. Then when you started spelling it they couldn't listen and I got l-o-o something quite a bit. I was so glad to be rid of that.

My daughter's preschool teachers are Joleen and Colleen. On meet your teacher night they introduced themselves as the oleens.