Sunday, January 7, 2007

Movie Review

I have been under the weather so I watched movies all weekend.
Here is my review:
1) You, Me, and Dupree
I was surprised at this movie; it was GREAT! If you need
a light, funny movie this is a good one. I laughed out loud a lot.
Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, and Michael Douglas.
Rating: 6
2) Jackass 2
I officially have mouth-agape syndrome after watching this.
Those guys are NUTS and I cannot believe that none of them
have died. I loved it. WARNING: Graphic and GROSS..but
I loved it
Rating: 7
3) Underworld: Evolution
I am a sci-fi and fantasy fan, but this one was not that good.
Plot was confusing and character development was lax.
The best part about this flick is Kate Beckinsale and her
amazing skills.
Rating: 3
4) Invincible
I must have been really bored and tired, but this movie
failed to inspire me. Marky Mark is pretty sweet and I
enjoy watching him in action, but it didn't make me want
to get up and start a war like Miracle did.
Rating: 4
5) The Black Dahlia
I just kept hoping that every scene would be the last
one. I think they tried to hard to make it look
"Old Hollywood." I cannot believe that Scarlett Johanssen
is only 20-something; she appears much older.
Rating: 3

Rating goes on a scale from 1-10 (1 being the crappiest,
10 being the absolute best).


wrestling kitties said...

1. I agree with You, Me and Dupree....I was not expecting much but I really liked it (well enough in the romantic comedy genre). I think I could watch this over and over!
2) I want to see Jackass 2 but I was waiting till it came out on DVD b/c I have a feeling I may scream and or fee sick many times during the movie - haha!
3)I loved Underworld Evolution! Yeah it wasn't as good as the first but I hear they are making a third so hopefully that one will rock! YAY!
4)Invicible - SUCKED!

(I love movie reviews! I also love that Jackass got the highest rating - awesome!)

Iris Took said...

PS...pretty intense hook-up
scene in underworld...eek!