Monday, January 8, 2007

Is this cool?

I saw this today in an online newsleter that

I get. Is it cool or nerdy? I liked the little

"pocket" but I usually just throw the bag

away, not keep it out. Thoughts?


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

1. I love anything you can personalize or monogram.

2. This is just cheesy enough to be great.

3. I throw away my teabags, too. Odd.

Iris Took said...

Ok, I discovered why this is cool. I made a cup of tea, sat on the couch, didn't want it to steep anymore but also didn't want to get up and throw away. If my mug had a pocket, that would have been perfect.

Free Turtle Rides! said...

I think it's kind of cool. BUT, if you like to drink with your left hand, it might be kinda hard :)

I have saved tea bags before...if i know I'm going to want another cup right away, because I don't make it too strong and know there is still more "juice" left. but I can't let it sit long...ick!