Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Graham is a huge weenie and I cannot believe he is Jack's brother. The plot thickens!! AHHH! I love it. 24 is the best show ever. Ever. I really enjoy the fact that Jack can rip a wire out of a lamp with little effort. He is the man. Plain and simple.
I still think Morris is suspect.

Who watched? Comments PLEASE.
I may as well turn this blog into a 24 forum.


TJ said...

That was hard to swallow. Question is, was this "in the script" last season, or did they just make that up as they were going along in making Day 6?

I agree, though, Morris is suspect. They threw him in there at the end of the last Day and now he's a major character?! He is SO similar to Chloe, though, I like him one minute and the next I just want to wring his neck!

Moey said...

Ok, here are my thoughts:
1.) I LOVE that Graham is his brother! He's a little weasel that is not NEARLY as good looking as his brother, has a SERIOUS Napoleon complex, and has to deal with the fact that his wife is jack's sloppy seconds - and she CLEARLY still loves him.
2.) I think that Morris is going to be the guy that the terrorists have to get to reassemble all of the bombs. But i don't think he's bad; i think that they'll have to hold something over his head to do it... maybe Chloe.
3.) I think that the President's right-hand-man is fishy. He is WAY to into racial profiling.

That's all for now... we'll see if I'm anywhere close tonight!