Monday, January 15, 2007

Blowin' up.....

I am getting a new cell phone. I have been using

my work one to "save me money." The problem

is, I go over my minutes every single month and I

end up paying over $50.00 a month.

What provider does everyone use? I was going to

go with Sprint, but does anyone recommend something



Free Turtle Rides! said...

I'm a Verizoner...have been for quite a long, long time. I've yet to be disappointed with them. And almost every single person I know in this area uses Verizon, so it makes things cheaper.

My brother had sprint here in Toledo for awhile, and he hated it...that was a few years ago, but he had a lot of "black spots" where he couldn't get any service.

C said...

I've been with verizon for almost 10 years. I think they have the best plans and by far the best coverage.

All or most of our friends have it also. Making it free to talk to them.

KT said...

I've been a Sprint user for 5+ years and have had minimal problems. Inside and outside of T-town. I think they're all pretty comparable really.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Ok, Een.

Here's my take:

I was with Verizon for YEARS (10+) before switching to Cingular when I moved to Mexico.

Verizon was amazing. I NEVER had a problem with customer service and I've always been REALLY hard on my phones. (Dropped, broken, immersed in water...) I actually cried one time b/c I didn't want the phone that they "had to give me" because my contract didn't allow me to get a different phone - and the girl got me a new one...on CHRISTMAS EVE.

That said, my experience with Cingular BLEW. The coverage in Toledo was horrendous. I'd be driving down 475 and BAM! dropped call. I'd be over by Meijer on Conant and BAM! dropped call.

My vote: Verizon.

(Then we can talk for free, too.)

(Sorry for the long post.)

Iris Took said...

thanks everyone! i will definately give verizon a look now and compare to sprint.
side note....i will FINALLY be able to text.

wrestling kitties said...

Good choice! I have had verizon and sprint and verizon is definatly the best I have had! I found more roaming or drop areas with sprint - but hardly any with verizon! And the in calling with other verizon people is an awesome bonus! Have fun with the new cell phone!