Monday, January 15, 2007


Did anyone watch the season premiere of 24 last night?
1) I think Wayne Palmer is too young to be President.
2) Karen and Bill are a good match.
3) Chloe's move was idiotic and I do not fully trust Morris.
Is he British or Russian?
4) Jack's bite move made me scream out loud, YUK!
5) Scissors to the knee! What!?!?!
6) It is hard to see Taj from Van Wilder be a bad guy.
7) How many times is the US Government going to
"sacrifice" Jack to terrorists or bad guys?

I am EXCITED for is going to be explosive.
Please leave your comments, thoughts, and predictions.

Welcome back, Jack.

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hsl said...

It is very fun watching this season live with you Iris.