Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Holidays from the Peepster!

7 month old update in pictures for you.  Typical - this is the happiest, craziest, chattiest, loudest, funniest baby, but when I went totake a pics for our Christmas card last night, nothing.  She would not smile for anything!  I pulled out all the stops, silly noises, stupid faces, tickling.  Nothin.  Nothin.  Still so freaking cute though. 


Taken earlier in the day.  Squeeeeeze!

Baby and Daddy and a finished Christmas tree finally.  Please note her scottie pants.

Why so serious?

Full on awkward eye close for the camera
Not even looking

Ok, let's take a break, tights off, and have some fun

All I want for Christmas is a dry face

I saw this in a magazine - thought it would look so cool.  Probably not safe.

Aaaaaand, eat it!

Is is the best one I got in terms of happy baby face

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Fishy Coat Complex

In my constant quest to lose weight, I usually make at least one healthy meal for myself right now.  Lunch or dinner is fast food grilled chicken sandwich (1/2 bun) and a side salad or Subway because I just don't have the time and at least I'm not eating Taco Bell every day.  Ahhh.....

SO - the other night I made fish.  I love fish.  I really do.  However, when I opened the brown wrapping I thought it smelled a little bad, but I was all whatever about it.  It smelled fine out of the oven but the first bite was iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicky. It was bad.  Wah, wah.

Out goes the fish.

Sad and boring dinner.

The next day on the way to work, I could not get the smell out of my head.  All day I thought I smelled it.  I was in my boss's office and I STILL smelled it.  I started to get anxious.  Did he smell it too?  Then, it hit me.


My coat absorbed all the smelliness of the stinkier than usual fish.  Barf.  So, I drove home with no coat on (not unusual) and hung my coat on the side mirror to air out.  Let's hope that works.  Dry cleaners tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

6 Month old Peepster!

My little sweet pea is 6 moths old (well, more than that actually, I just got around to posting these).

What's she up to?

This little person has come alive with personality lately.  
Talking:  Seriously, almost.  She makes sounds like seem as if she is saying "mama," "dada," "hiiiii," and "oh no."  It's too cute.  And there is a LOT of babbling.  Tons.  Loud too.  SO LOUD.  She sings and yells and exclaims all the time.  Most of the time happy stuff.  Sometimes not.  But she's perfect to me.

Eating:  Oh boy!  This little peepster will eat anything we give her and also anything we don't like tags, books, toys, hands, and your face.  My secret favorite is when she is done with her bottle and is looking fr something else to eat and she lands on my chin or nose.  I let it go for a minute before I giver her the pacifier.  Only a mother knows that this is cute, otherwise it sounds creepy.  She has mastered sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, apples, pears and squash.  We are going to slowly incorporate other foods like avocado, yogurt and some meats int he next few weeks.

Size:  The doctor loves her.  She always compliments us on her (ahhhh proud parent moment) and says she wants to take TNT on her rounds all day.  So cute.  She also says in a cute tone, 'You're nosy, you're nosy," because our Peeps is so curious.   This baby is now ?? inches, 19lbs and has a head circumference of ??.  What does that mean?  Means she's doing awesome.

Sleeping:  Another plus of having a monster appetite is that little Miss Taylor is a good sleeper generally.  Sometimes she does not feel like napping because she just cannot miss any of the fun during the day, but mostly she does fantastic.  Bedtime is about 745pm and she sleeps until 630am.  Usually.

Movement:  Rolling over!  Check.  Finally  She doesn't love it though.  She can sit up now on her own which is a BIG milestone for babies. She can pick things up and hold her own bottle too (which she loves).   She LOVES LOVES LOVES her exersaucer (Thanks Aunt Jamie) and it usually causes some kind of poo-explosion that require a bleach wash.  HAHA - mom humor.  She moves her arms and hands well and kicks the little legs and feet all the time - ESPECIALLY in the bath.  She loves the bath now most likely because she can "go" in it freely and suck on the washcloth.  Is that gross?  Let's go with no -she's a baby.

Teeth:  Not so much.  Drooling like a champ and gumming and gnawing on everything.  But no teeth. 

Hair:  She lost a TON.  I do think it's coming back now, but she was born with a bunch of dark hair.  Not sure if she will have curls - we will wait and see.   

What else:  TNT loves books, funny noises, funny jokes, songs, and general silliness.  She smiles from ear to ear when you come into the room and say hi to her.  She is not afraid of strangers and is generally good for others.  She is a JOY for everyone that knows her.  Thank you my little Peepster - you are the best thing in the world to me.  6 months really did go by fast.  I love you my sweet baby. 

Here's the 6 month photo shoot for you:
Reading a book.  One of her favorites.  

The tummy.  My mom said it looks like dough.  So cute!  Zerbert!!!

Ready for a ride!

This is the best.  TNT laughs HEARTILY when I tickle her of something just strikes her funny.  

The little hands.  I always try to get a  hand and foot shot each month.  She's so fast it's hard to get a decent one.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

ONE!  Ah ah ah!  TWO!  Ah ah ah!  THREEEEE!  I love it!!!  Halloween is the best!  Also the only time of year that I think multiple selfies are acceptable.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Little Debbie is a Footy Pajama Wearing Man...and other stories

I think I missed my calling.  I really do.

When I was little I would practice faces and voices and general goofing around.  I wanted to be on SNL in such a bad way. I think I could have done it...honestly, I do.  After a while, I could have graduated to the Weekend Update and then to writing....not so much because of my incredible acting or singing (well, for sure not because of that), but because of my weird and curious mind.

For instance.

Today I had to go the grocery store at 6:45am BEFORE work because that's normal and totally fine.

 Thing #1 - I saw a teenager in a footy pajama outfit and it just pissed me off.  Why?  Because it's annoying.  I find the movement by teenaged girls and/or adult aged to be cutesy and bimbo-ish really offensive.  FOOTY PAJAMAS?  Come on.  In my mind, I thought of a group of women in a room all wearing footy pajamas and sweating their asses off.  It would be like a spin-off of Orange is the New Black.  Imprisoned in a hot cage of pajama.  Shanks made of bunny zippers.  It got weird from there.  I'll spare you the details. 

Thing #2 -I had a tax exempt form because it was a work purchase so generally that was annoying to the clerk.  Said clerk did not have on a name tag and I wished with all my might that there was one present because I was dealing with a Pat.  You know - It's PAT!!  I honestly could not tell if it was a man or a woman.  So I made ridiculous, obnoxious small talk and sweating profusely as if I were wearing footy pajamas.  All I could think of was those sketches where they stare at Pat to see if he/she has boobs or a bulge.  It was terrible. 

Thing #3 - An unaccompanied Little Debbie delivery truck was running idle outside of the store upon my exit.  I immediately went into a daydream where I hijacked the truck, took it on a joy ride and ate nothing but Oatmeal Cream Pies and Swiss Cake Rolls for days thus sending me into a serious sugar-related illness/disease.   The authorities had to send in a swat team to tear me out of the truck as I had become a rabid, Nutty-Bar eating lunatic.  My sidekick was Pat the clerk and s/he was wearing footy pajamas.

Shaking my head, I got into my car and started my day.  I felt exhausted all of a sudden.  It was only 7am.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


 Peas!  Yes - it has been over a week since I have blogged and I even have 5 month pics to share but the hours march on and I wish I didn't need sleep like the Cullens.  Alas...

My sweet pea loves peas!  Like the other veggies before, green beans, squash, carrots, now peas are on her list of foods she loves! 

TNT is very fun to feed - she is a great eater to no one's surprise.  She gets really excited and actually lunges at the food.  See below.

TNT lunging at the peas.  Actually leaning forward to get the peas.  Look at how she is chomping her mouth.  :)
Mushing the peas - MMMMM!
We have to take a break in between to straighten her up so she can eat.  
But then she dives forward and tries to eat the tray.